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If you enjoy horrible taste and harshness this is the one for you

Honey Dew Menthol
it sucke


Nasty asf

No idea what I was tasting. Like a gross mix between green matcha and buttered popcorn…

Red Line Ice *NEW*
Ish Patel
Pretty much red bull

it tastes like red bull

Eric Neels
Terrible terrible pod stay away!

this pod is the worst pod I have ever had it tastes so bad I threw it out when it came in the starter pack.

Blue Raspberry
Meghan Henderson
blue raspberry Ice

Should really change the flavour name and add Ice to it. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re getting a fruity flavour and being blasted with mint instead. Also I can’t happily comment on the less spit back and leakage as this is the most leakage I’ve had from any pod I’ve tried yet. I’ll be heading back to the Savage brand, they are by far the better choice.

Juicy Mango
Ish Patel
Great Taste

The pods taste so good I had to buy a few packs, only issue I seem to find that reoccurs a lot is the pods leaking in my mouth when I draw on them. i just keep a Q-tip and clean the pod with it so it stops getting the juice in my mouth.


It tastes like floral soap mixed with marker ink and I love it


Allo has many top notch flavours but this was intolerable, had a somewhat spicy, vegetable / grass taste

Allo Ultra 800 - Peach
Nicolas Daigle tougas


Allo Ultra 800 - Peach
Nicolas Daigle tougas


Allo Ultra 800 - Peach
Nicolas Daigle tougas


Tasted like coconut with expired tobacco, dont buy this


Don't know if it's just me or The Vape stick but it actually kept me up at night very annoying my first day trying it so I had to check out the site and see if there were any drugs in it but who knows says only nicotine but yeah up later than usual

Amazing Vape

Puffed on the fucker all day

Best 1500

Wasn’t a big fan of the 1500 compared to the ultras until I tried the peach one, loved the flavour and hit and lasted so long for me

Favourite one

The grape ultra is by far my favourite allo i’ve tried, great taste and lasts long

Very good

Good taste, bad battery

im new to vaping, so i bought 5 different flavor of allo ultra. This one didn't last, had it for three days and now the led is blinking and it's not puffing. But the flavoe tasted good.


I’m so sad, I loved the other flavours but this one literally tastes like pickles!!!!! Not sure if it was just a bad batch but I’m really upset :(

Doesn't taste great at all

Taste is awful, I don't recommend it at all. The icy feeling is nice but what comes before is terrible

Not great

This flavor is confusing for me. I'm not sure if it reminds me of sweet grass clippings or sweet minty beans but I don't love it. if you enjoy sweet beans it might be your bag but I don't think I'll get this one again. (And I probably won't be trying the ludou dessert it's created after either) But it wasn't disgusting... Just... Interesting.

Vanilla mixed with heaven

This is my favorite! It's so creamy tasting, not harsh at all. Super sweet and yummy like baked pastry. Heavenly ❤️

Tastes like Cappuccino!

Sooo yummy, oh man. I have this with my morning coffee and its like I'm double dosing! I love this one so much!