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Kangiqsujuaq Qc.



I’m obsessed with this flavour. Yes it resembles Coca Cola. The flavour also tastes like cloves which I love.

Juicy Mango

Honestly this was my 1st and will stick with it. I personally love it & from what I read probably won't try any others. I gotta agree with i.p. I'd love to see this in 2500 as well.

Allo Ultra 500 - Red Line Ice *NEW*
Diva Frederico Marques
I live in Brazil and would like to buy Allo in several flavors

I live in Brazil and would like to buy Allo in several flavors

No no

I usaully really like allo flavours and thought this would be a nice new flavour. However it is terrible, absolutely disgusting. I’ve had multiple people try mine and they all cannot stand the taste. I’m sorry, but I do not recommend this flavour.

Juicy Mango
Josh March
Best allo flavor

I love this flavor. Keeps me coming back

Love it

The best flavour ever

Evad B
First and last flavour that i will buy

just got 3 of these and all of them taste like shit

the best

tastes just like a smoothie, and such a smooth throat hit… def the best disposable i’ve had.

Allo Ultra 2500 - Peach
Mélody Lapierre



My number 1 go to vape. The flavour is out of this world good. IDK how u guys make the mango taste so fucking juicy. I love it!!! I WANT IT IN 2500!!!!! <3

John Freeman
Worst flavour I’ve had the misfortune of trying

Have you ever wondered what liquid “burnt” tastes like? Try grapple.

Allo Ultra 1600 - Lemon Lime Cranberry
Guy who stopped smoking
Taste like heaven

First one i bought cause cranberry is just so good and i was not disapointed at all .
First one a friend made me taste the one that taste like gummy cokes and that is spot on .
Gg flavour team

Crazy best vape ever

Drew Anderson
The best

Only flavour I buy is frost it’s the best!

More like a minty Cherry

okay but I was really hoping this would be like the Allo "classic Red" as in the cola flavor but it seems like candy flavors getting banned in Canada.... damn teens and their lazy parents.. ban them from govt!!

Whickity whack

Why one star you ask? Well because this flavour is very particular, kinda tastes like I'm eating a bag of cashews. Idk wither I like it or despise it.. it kinda keeps your brain in a loop of disgust an straight questions... weird.. wouldn't recommend. To say the least I'm now quitting vaping for eternity. Rip taste buds.

Absolutely Scrumptious and Memorable

As a young teen, when coming upon one of these scrumptious devices in your friend's cousin's old room while simply trying to access the hot tub was an adventure. The presentation of the vape was discreet to confuse us innocent teens into believing it was some sort of protein shake ingredient of sorts until one of us thought it would be funny to pretend it was a vape, sucking on the top end of the nic-stick (nicotine stick) She was met with indescribable flavour and emotions. It was a night to remember. More puffs were taken to simply insure that it was a vape. It left an oddly pleasant strawberry banana scent in the air of the room. Hot tubbing was incredible fun btw.

Jason M
Why does this taste like garbage

I don't know if I bought a bad batch, first pod tasted like burnt caramel, 2nd pod tasted slightly more like grape and apple but also heavily like caramel... Honestly scared to try the 3rd pod. Very unfortunate :/

Uh no thanks

Tastes sorta minty but also kinda cheesy . Smell is more cheesy than minty.

Pineapple Ice
Michaela Campbell
5 star rating

I like this flavour it’s amazing

Hi how can I buy it

Strawberry watermelon

Absolutely mouth watering flavor. Best of both flavors in any pod system I've ever used, and I've tried them all. No comparison, allo pods pack the most flavor and are so smooth and easy on the inhale. My forever pods from now on!

Juicy Mango
michael bourgon
just disgusting

this for real tastes like pickles. wack asf