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Allo uses closed cartridge (sealed liquid and changeable pod). The slim body and disposable cartridge design makes it one of best vaping product in the market.  Allo products are designed in Canada.  The E-Liquid is manufactured in Canada, and all hardware manufactured in China.

Please use the store locator ( to find a location near you.

We do not sell Allo online. 

For optimal performance, your Allo should be fully charged before first use.Remove the silicone cover on the Allo cartridge, insert into the battery.  To begin vaping, simply inhale.  The Allo LED lights up automatically in vaping state, lights off after vaping process.  Allo comes equipped with short circuit protection.  The LED will flash 3 times and the Allo will stop output when atomizer is short circuit.

When you vape the Allo, the colour of the LED will indicate the battery level.

White: Your battery is between 70% and 100% charged.

Blue: Your battery is between 69% and 40% charged.

Red: Your battery is between 39% and 10% charged.

For optimize performance, the Allo LED light will flash 10 times and stop functioning when the battery is below 10%.  Your Allo battery may run out of charge before the Allo cartridge is finished so don't automatically discard the cartridge when charging the battery as there maybe E-liquid in it.

Allo uses normal USB charging.  Simply connect Allo with a Micro USB to a USB outlet.   When your Allo is fully charged, the battery indicator will turn solid white. 

general safety

Nicotine is an addictive chemical and not approved for all ages. We do not recommended starting to vape if you are not a nicotine user. If you are a smoker of legal age that has been looking for an alternative to cigarettes, then Allo may be a good choice for you. Respiratory conditions can be aggravated by vapor. If you have any concerns, please speak with a healthcare professional.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical and is not appropriate for use by minors. Please check with your local laws to know determine the legal age for nicotine use in your area.

We recommend referencing the comprehensive list of items prohibited by TSA:   Allo is safe for travel, but most airlines restrict the use of vaporizers. Exposure to extreme altitude changes during flight may cause slight leakage in the Allo pods, especially if they are partially used. We recommend disposing of partially used pods before getting on a plane and using a fresh one when you land. If your Allo pod leaks, avoid direct contact with the liquid; however, if you get liquid on your hands, simply immediately wash the area with soap and water. You may continue to use the Allo pod if some liquid has escaped, but carefully wipe the juice off with a clean cloth or tissue before inserting into your device. If leaking persists, please contact the Allo team at

While many people use our device to help them quit smoking cigarettes, Allo is not intended to be a nicotine cessation device and has not been tested as such.


For safety purposes, ensure that the pod is disconnected from the device to prevent activation when not in use, especially in environments with significant air pressure.

Charge the battery completely prior to using the device. When your battery gets low, fully charge the device before using again. Try not to let the battery run out of charge completely, as this can cause batteries to be less effective.

The Allo battery will usually last between 1 to 2 days depending on usage frequency.


The Allo device uses a lithium-ion polymer battery.  It is built into the device and charged via a USB cable or wall adapter.

Please read the FAQ section to see if your question has been answered. If you still need assistance, please send an email to

Allo has built in safety measures that will prevent overcharging.


Currently, we only sell our juice in a disposable pod form. Do not attempt to open or refill your Allo pods. Doing so could cause excessive leakage and expose you to high levels of nicotine.

We currently have 8 delicious flavors four of Allo pods (, including classic tobacco, cooling mint, grape, mango, apple, mixed berries, blueberry and watermelon.

Our e-liquid is comprised of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavoring. Our pods typically contain a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. 

Currently all our Allo pods include 48mg/mL of nicotine (or 4.8%).

The number of puffs can vary drastically depending on the length of time you are pulling per puff. There are about 350 puffs for an average user.

Make sure that the charger is connected to working outlet and that your device is plugged in correct with a good connection. Try a different outlet to see if that is the problem. If you continue to have difficulties, please contact us at

Allo pods may have minor leaking during use depending upon how you puff on the device. If some of the e-liquid contacted your skin, immediately wash the area with soap and water. Remove the pod, wipe off the e-liquid with a clean tissue, and re-insert the pod into the device. You may continue to use the pod.  

Leaking can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people pull too hard which causes e-liquid to leak from the pod into the mouthpiece. Try to puff more gently. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the pod with your teeth or lips. Your lips should lightly form a seal around the mouthpiece. Avoid squeezing the pod when you insert it and click it into place gently.

Make sure that the pod is clicked into place correctly. You may have to apply extra suction when puffing for the first time; however, do not apply an excessive amount of suction in order to avoid leakage of the e-liquid. You will here a slight click when pulling on the device correctly.

You will not see as much vapor as you would with an advanced vape; however, Allo is meant to feel more like a traditional cigarette. If you still feel like the device is not working, double check the LED light. The light will be the same color as the pod and will light up as you puff. If your device is function, you can try a different Allo pod to see if that helps. If you continue to have problems, please contact our Allo team at

Please view our warranty policy,

If you have any questions, please send us an email at